Stephen George Jr.

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Stephen George Jr is a graduate of Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s in Public & Social Services with a Formal Minor in Philosophy and a Master’s in Public Administration [2]. 
George has started his own freelance consulting firm, Stephen George Consulting, where he focuses on helping people with Developmental Disabilities. He also focuses on the issue of Human Trafficking. He plans on bringing both of these issues to the school board [3].

Key Issues

Constitutional Rights

George believes that parents should be granted full access to every resource used in the classroom, including all mental health discussions at school. He also plans on holding regular ‘parental outreach & engagement’ events to talk with parents of Cobb County students [2].


George believes that the implementation of an Individual Educational Plans (IEP’s) should be leveraged to structure a tiered behavioral plan, with tiered consequences that avoid traditional exclusionary discipline. George also believes in the removal of ‘zero-tolerance’ disciplinary policies, which are specific and harsh punishments, usually suspension and expulsion, when certain rules are broken [3]. George supports the ban of Critical Race Theory in schools [2].


George opposes allowing children under 18 years of age to speak at Board of Education Meetings as he believes that BOE Meetings are for voters only. He believes that adults should be running the schools instead of children.


George supports the senior tax exemption [2], where seniors 62 years old or older that are living within a school district and have an annual family income of $10,000 or less are eligible to be exempt from the school tax [4].


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