Steve Gaynor

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Non-Incumbent


Steve Gaynor was born in White Plains, New York. He attended Swarthmore College, and then received an MBA at Harvard Business School. Gaynor bought printing companies in Denver and Phoenix, and established another in Los Angeles. He would later sell the companies in Denver and Phoenix, but was later sued by the buyer for violations of a non-compete agreement. Gaynor also paid over $135,000 in a settlement for a class-action lawsuit alleging discrimination and underpayment of workers. In 2018, Gaynor narrowly lost the election for Arizona Secretary of State to Katie Hobbs. In 2019, he founded Fair Maps Arizona, a 501 © (4) organization focused on redistricting that has supported Republican efforts in Arizona. In 2021, Gaynor declared his candidacy for Arizona’s gubernatorial election.

Key Issues

Election Security

Gaynor wants to limit fraudulent voting. He opposes the National Voter Registration Act. Gaynor hopes to remove all voters from the voter list every two years, wants to conduct voting by precinct, and print ballots on “fraud-proof paper.” He wants to require voter identification for all types of voting. Gaynor also hopes to use machines disconnected from the Internet, and conduct audits every 4 years. Regarding the counting of voters, Gaynor wants to finish the count within 24 hours, and prevent reporting of results until the count is finalized.


Gaynor wants to limit immigration across the Southern border of Arizona to prevent drug smuggling and human trafficking due to cartels. Gaynor wants to increase the presence of the Arizona National Guard, the border Sheriff Departments, and the Department of Public Safety at the Border.

LGBTQ+ rights

Gaynor has expressed support for conversion therapy, according to an article from the Phoenix New Times. He also opposes laws granting protection to people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Reproductive Rights

Gaynor is pro-life.


Gaynor wants to increase investment in high-tech infrastructure. He also wants to integrate the urban economy with the rural one.


Gaynor hopes to increase access to water for Arizona’s long-term future. He wants the federal government to invest in desalination plants to improve access to water without relying solely on the Colorado River. He also wants California to cede its water to inland states like Colorado and Arizona. Gaynor also wants to organize a desalination agreement between Arizona and Mexico and increase conservation and recycling.


Gaynor supports school choice and the expansion of private education. He also wants to prevent teaching of “Critical Race Theory.”

Policing and Crime

Gaynor opposes the defunding of police because he believes it would decrease freedom. In order to reduce violent crime in Arizona, Gaynor wants to establish a commission to adjust Arizona’s actions for preventing crime. 

COVID-19 policy

Gaynor believes that vaccines should not be mandated, as it would only be counterproductive to society. He believes that vaccine mandates would threaten the employment of too many people. 


Disclaimer: The Polling Place has not located Gaynor’s endorsements in 2022.

When Gaynor ran for Arizona Secretary of State in 2018, he received endorsements from Patriot Movement AZ, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, and Governor Doug Ducey.


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