Steve Stenberg

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Steve Stenberg earned a high school diploma from Bonita Vista High School and an associate degree from Southwestern Community College in 1982 [2]. He had been a firefighter, law enforcement officer, and military veteran for more than 40 years [1]. Stenberg served in U.S. Air Force from 1975 to 1992.Stenberg has served as a member of the Lincoln Club and has been affiliated with the International Association of Firefighters, the Chula Vista Police Officers Association, the Chula Vista Employees ACE Union, BIA of San Diego, and San Diego County Republicans [2].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Stenberg advocates for adequate police staffing in communities and quicker response times to crises [1].


 Stenberg supports a strong local economy and more revenue for city services as a small business owner [1].


Stenberg hopes to improve and update city infrastructure [1].


Stenberg hopes to work with regional governments and nonprofits to increase safety in neighborhoods with homlessness [1].


Chula Vista Police Officers Association; David Bejarano: Police Chief,  Chula Vista Police Department, Ret; James Navarro: Captain, Riverside Sherriff Department, Ret; Jim Fuselier: Lieutenant, Shreveport Police Department, Ret; Rick Sigler: Sergeant, California Highway Patrol, Ret; Walt Warren: Special Agent in Charge; John Davidson: California Parole Officer, Ret; Sherry Davidson: California Parole Officer, Ret; Ted Lehmann: Special Agent, Treasury, Ret; Don Crutchfield: Fire Chief, Ret; Bill Egidi: Fire Chief, Ret; Jamie Wood: Fire Chief, Ret; Joe Fredricks: Asst Chief and IAFF F-33 former VP, Ret; Roberto Uribe: Asst Chief and IAFF F-33 former President, Ret; Don Bigler: Asst Chief, Ret; Bill White: Asst Chief and IAFF F-33 former President, Ret.; Howard Gillins: Battalion Chief, Ret; Bob Shepherd: Fire Captain, Ret; John Schmidt: Fire Captain, Ret; Buddy McLeroy: Relief Engineer/Former IAFF F-33 Secretary, Ret; Mike Haworth: Deputy Chief, Ret; Brian Bruxton: Fire Captain, Ret; Jim Jalbert: Sergeant, Ret; Richard Stephan: Captain, Ret; Bob Scott: Deputy Chief, Ret; Mitch Sanchez: Fire Chief, Ret; Greg  Cox: San Diego County Supervisor, Ret; Hon Cheryl Cox: Chula Vista Mayor, Ret; Hon Shirley Horton: Chula Vista Mayor Ret; Hon. Jerry Rindone: Chula Vista Councilmember Ret; Serhii Kolomiiets: Interpreter, Kiev, Ukraine; Dan Hom: Businessman; Bud Chase: Businessman; Sandy Hodge: Educator, SUHSD; Francia Castro: Realtor & Candidate Chula Vista City Council District 2 Primary 2022; Patti Groulx: San Diego County, Ret & Candidate Chula Vista City Council District 2 Primary 2022; John Borja: Candidate Chula Vista City Council District 2 Primary 2022; Jerry Kaher: Music Teacher, Ret; Ken Smithy: Heavy Equipment Operator, Ret; Joni Smithy: Office Manager, Ret. ; Bill Zuk: Relator, Ret; Carlos Orozco: Ford Motor Company, Marketing, Ret


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