Steve Zipperman

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Steve Zipperman earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology/Chemistry from CSU Long Beach and went to Law School at the Southwestern University of Law. Zipperman would then go on to obtain a real estate broker’s license in 1983 where he owned and operated a Century 21 office in Fountain Valley, California. For 25+ years, Zipperman volunteered at the Realty Investment Association of California where he gave legal advice and updates. 

As an attorney, Zipperman worked at law firms for real estate, environmental law, and medical malpractice. He also volunteered at Los Angeles Municipal Court, Superior Court Judge Pro Tem, and as a Mediator and Arbitrator for the Orange County Bar Association.

Zipperman would then go on to serve as a member of the Board of Directors, Treasurer, and President of a Homeowners Association. He also teaches a class on the constitution with his wife to citizens in his community. In addition, Zipperman served as the first Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Yavapai County for 2021.

Key Issues


Zipperman supports school choice, which allows public education funds to go to students to schools or services according to their needs. Zipperman does not support the critical race theory being taught in schools. Zipperman also supports the expansion of charter schools and more STEM education in classrooms. He would also like to increase the availability of trade schools. 

Voting Laws

Zipperman supports the de-certification of elections and withdrawal of electors to the Electoral College by the legislature after their certification. He also wants to require all counties in Arizona to release a list of all eligible voters one week before election day. He does not support machine counting ballots and wants stronger voter ID laws. Zipperman also supports closed primary elections which require that voters registered with one party cannot vote in primaries for other parties.

Gun Safety

Zipperman strongly supports the 2nd amendment. Zipperman also believes in gun owners being well educated in proper gun training and safety courses.


Zipperman wants to assist the Arizona National Guard to arrest illegal immigrants crossing the border. He also wants to increase funding to finish the construction of the border wall.


Zipperman does not support mandatory vaccination requirements.


Zipperman would like to lower taxes and will prevent further property taxes on water wells.

Small Businesses

Zipperman supports small businesses and wants to support efforts that benefit small businesses.


John Hughes, Mayor of Dewey Humboldt, AZ. Walt Blackman, Representative for AZ House District 6. Lions of Liberty. John Gunby, SWPGA Hall of Fame Inductee.


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