Steven G. Keene

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Steve G. Keene is a leader for the Virginia Justice & Safety Associates, which aims to promote justice by educating and training individuals with different needs (e.g., helping felons receive their right to vote).Keene, in 2002, was charged with several felonies for “altering or forging vehicle titles” [1]. Several years later, Keene was charged with a misdemeanor for practicing as an unlicensed attorney [1, 3].

Key Issues

Constitutional Rights

Keene wants to protect the voting rights of charged felons by providing them with necessary documentation [1]. He also wants to grant felons access to firearms and restore their driver’s license as he had worked at Virginia Justice & Safety Associates where they aim to advocate for social justice. [1]

Criminal Justice

Keene believes that the criminal system should be improved so as to protect the rights of felons and limit bias in the criminal justice system [1, 2].

Gun Policy

Keene believes it is in every citizen’s right to own a gun but that regulations must be employed and gun safety classes should be available to all citizens [1].


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