Stori Zimmerman

Key Facts

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Stori Zimmerman graduated from Colorado University with an MA in Teaching and Pedagogy and from Methodist University with a BS in Kinesiology/Physical education and biology emphasis in Cell Physiology [2]. She has two daughters in the FCPS system [1, 5]. Zimmerman was formerly an educator before becoming a realtor in Northern Virginia [1, 2, 5]. She also coaches local soccer teams in her spare time [1, 5].

Key Issues


Zimmerman wants to stop baseline budgeting and go to a line-item budget requiring each line to be justified every year. Zimmerman wants to implement an annual audit of the budget which analyzes the budget versus expenses, with unexpended funds reallocated to non-recurring items. She also wants to determine the exact percentage of money being spent directly in the classrooms versus administration to ensure that administrative costs are not hidden in classroom support [1, 5].


Zimmerman believes that the modified grading system lowers standards and expectations [1, 5].

Parental Involvement

Zimmerman believes that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions regarding the education of their children [1, 5].

School Safety

Zimmerman wants to place more school resource officers in schools [1, 5].


Fairfax County Republican Committee


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