Surrea Ivy

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Surrea Ivy is a political commentator who has worked in talent management, corporate training, and ministry. Ivy has received the Georgia VFW Voice of Democracy Award and the Black Christian Men Association Martin Luther King Jr Oratorical Award. She has audited Gwinnett County elections and participated in the Walk Away Movement and Black Voices for Trump. Ivy has one daughter.

Key Issues

School Choice

Ivy believes that parents should be able to choose what schools their children attend and have a say in what they are taught. She supports an increase in funding allocated to education

Economic Growth

Ivy supports the Platinum Plan, which aims to create job opportunities for minorities, secure federal funding for churches, and address historic disparities in healthcare.


Ivy wants to increase accessibility to Veterans Administration services by reducing “red tape.”


Ivy supports building a all on the Mexican-American border and believes that immigration poses a threat to American jobs. She wants to allocate more funding for immigration services in order to increase the efficiency of processing immigration requests. Ivy also believes that foreign aid can act as an effective deterrent for immigration to the U.S.