Susan Padgett Harrison

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Susan Padgett-Harrison has earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies Education from Kennesaw State University, a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Georgia State University, and a Doctorate of Education from the University of Georgia [3]. Padgett-Harrison has served in various public offices such as on the Canton Public Safety Committee and the Canton Zoning Commission. She is a current instructor at Kennesaw State University and Piedmont College and a former principal at Cherokee High School [2].

Key Issues


Padgett-Harrison supports quarterly meetings between parents, teachers, and administrators. She believes in notifying parents of academic resources and opportunities available to students. She promotes a way for parents to communicate their concerns to schools [2].


Padgett-Harrison is against the teaching of critical race theory and wants to maintain current policy banning it in schools. [1] She also supports expanding course options to more rigorous Advanced Placement and honors classes, in addition to career pathways in fields such as health sciences and cybersecurity [2].


Former District 6 Board Member Mike Chapman


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