Sylvia R. Glass

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Sylvia Glass graduated from George Mason University with a master’s degree in special education. She currently works as a special education teacher at Leesburg Elementary School and has previously worked in accounting and real estate; additionally, she is a Precinct Captain for the Loudoun County Democratic Committee. Glass is a part of the Loudoun NAACP Education Committee, Moms Demand Action, and the Loudoun Education Association, among others [1, 2, 3].

In 2019, Glass was elected to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to represent the Board Run District, where she is the co-chair of the Board of Supervisors’ Joint Board and School Board Committee and a member of the Transportation and Land Use Committee. She represents Loudoun and the Board of Supervisors on the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Air Quality Committee, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Planning Coordination Advisory Committee, the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, the Dulles Town Center Community Development Authority, the Route 28 Transportation Improvement District Commission, the Loudoun County Disability Services Board, and education steering committees for both the Virginia and National Association of Counties [1, 2, 3]. In 2023, Glass and three other supervisors came under fire for going on a taxpayer-funded trip to Ghana and Uruguay [4].

Key Issues


Glass wants to pass the lowest possible personal tax rates needed to maintain important county services and fund Loudoun County Public Schools [6].


Glass supports the development of a community arts center [4].


Glass wants to support small businesses through mentorship programs, providing resources and capital, streamlining bureaucratic processes, and reducing regulations; additionally, she wants to provide necessary training programs, apprenticeships, and vocational training opportunities to boost local workforce development. Glass also wants to incentivize businesses to expand or establish operations in the area, invest in infrastructure improvements to better the business climate, and promote innovation and research initiatives [1].


Glass wants to combat gun violence in schools via adding more on-site mental health experts, improving first-responder training, and including other common safety features and personnel. She also wants to ensure top quality schools [1].


Glass wants to maintain a high level of election integrity via upgrading the safety of the Loudoun Election Department staff, the Loudoun Board of Elections, and all citizens who volunteer during the election process. She wants to bring back Sunday voting [6].


Glass wants to see more environmentally responsible land use and zoning decisions that support the local economy and sustainable economic development, protect rural areas, and offer a range of multimodal transportation options [6]. She also wants to combat climate change via supporting renewable energy projects, incentivizing energy efficiency procedures, and advocating for sustainable practices within industry, as well as conserving natural resources. Finally, Glass promotes waste reduction through recycling programs, endorsing water diversion techniques, and supporting research in waste-to-energy technology [1].


Glass wants to make sure all Loudoun County staff are paid competitive wages and have a voice regarding their compensation and work conditions [6].


Glass wants to increase availability of accessible housing across the entire income spectrum and promotes inclusive zoning policies. She also wants to address housing insecurity through providing supportive services, rental assistance programs, and transitional housing options [1, 6].


Mental Health

Glass wants to increase funding and resources for mental health services, include mental health education in schools and workplaces, and promote early intervention [1].



Glass wants to upgrade suburban roads to boost safety, reduce congestion, and improve connectivity through ideas like road widening, intersection improvements, traffic signal optimization, and using smart transportation techniques. She also wants to upgrade and expand mass transportation in order to provide reliable and sustainable transit alternatives by expanding bus routes, increasing mass transit frequency and coverage, improving park-and-ride areas, and exploring light rail/commuter rail services. Finally, Glass supports multi-modal transportation and wants to develop transportation hubs as a transition from one transit option to another, as well as promoting bike- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure [1].


Glass wants to expand access to high quality healthcare, address mental health challenges, create more educational and job training chances, and work towards eradicating homelessness for veterans [1].


Jennifer Boysko, Virginia State Senator; David Reid, Virginia State Delegate; Phyllis Randall, Chair of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors; Kenny Boddye, Occoquan District Supervisor; Northern Virginia Labor Federation; Service Employees International Union Virginia 512 Chapter; Loudoun Career Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 3756; Loudoun Education Association Political Action Committee; Local 26 IBEW Union; Jennifer Wexton, United States Representative; Hala Ayala, Virginia State Delegate; Wendy Gooditis, Virginia State Delegate; John Bell, Virginia State Delegate; Jennifer Carroll Foy, Virginia State Delegate; Kirsten Umstattd, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Leesburg Supervisor; Fernando Martinez, Leesburg Vice Mayor; Joy Maloney, Broad Run School Board Representative; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; Better Together PAC; Amalgamated Transit Union; Suhas Subramanyam, Virginia State Delegate; Plumbers and Gasfitters Union Local 5; Virginia for Everyone PAC; Run Everywhere Virginia PAC; Loudoun County Democratic Party


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