Tamara Floyd

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Tamara Floyd is a San Jose State University graduate [3]. Floyd is a Senior Program Coordinator at The University of Arizona, Roosevelt Early Childhood Family Resource Center. She was named the Outstanding Staff in Cooperative Extension at the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Spring Awards Celebration [1].

Floyd is a Legislative District 4 Precinct Committee Person (LD4 PC), Chairperson of the Phoenix Human Services Commission, holds a chair of the Phoenix Human Services Advisory Committee, Community Outreach Director of Real Women Revealed, part of the Travis Williams Community Council, and part of the South Central Extension/Downtown Hub Construction Advisory Board [2]. She also volunteers at a number of human services organizations for POC, children, and women [4].

Key Issues


Floyd supports economic growth through small-business development. Floyd is against tax cuts and credits for the wealthy [5].

Social Programs

Floyd wants to provide human services/resources for seniors, veterans, the homeless, and marginalized communities, including transportation and affordable housing [5]. 


Floyd wishes to expand Head Start/Preschool programming for young children [2]. She wants to fully fund Arizona’s education system [5].

Gun Policy

Floyd supports increased gun regulation [5].

Reproductive Rights

Floyd supports abortion rights [5].


Arizona List; Political Action Committee of the Arizona National Organization for Women.


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