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Party Republican
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Namkung holds a master’s degree in business administration from Auburn University and has conducted research in renewable energy technology, public policy, and systems engineering. Born on a U.S. military base in Osan-Ri, Korea, Terry Namkung grew up among military communities, and after graduating from high school in Killeen, Texas, he enlisted in the Air Force. He retired after over twenty one years of service as a senior non-commissioned officer and entered a new career in which he focused on helping the corporate sector tackle climate change by developing more renewable energy sources. He currently lives in Yorktown, Virginia, with his wife and children and is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Key Issues


Namkung supports school choice, which allows education funds to be used for various schools and services aside from public school (such as private school, charter school, and homeschool) and wants to focus on holding the educational bureaucracy accountable. He believes that parents should have a say in the curriculum and that reducing mandates from the Department of Education will curb government overreach.

Health Care

Namkung is against imposing restrictions upon those who decide not to get vaccinated. He advocates for free market principles in order to reduce costs for medicine, health insurance, and health care services. Namkung believes that the Affordable Care Act should be abandoned in favor of a competitive healthcare market.


Namkung believes that increased government spending has led to a steep rise in inflation and a stagnant economy. He advocates for limiting government involvement in the economy and enacting less restrictions, lower taxes, and investments in order to facilitate economic growth in minority communities and small businesses.

Foreign Policy and National Security

Namkung wants to reorganize foreign and national security policies to bolster the U.S.’s global power. This entails an increased defense budget in order to exceed potential adversaries in military prowess and support for U.S. allies, primarily those in NATO, to make parallel investments. Namkung emphasizes holding China accountable for human rights violations, currency manipulations, and other actions that can be considered detrimental to the international community.


Namkung advocates for conservatism in response to climate change and an approach to energy that explores all the major renewable energy sources while continuing to allow domestic oil production. Namkung also seeks to invest in carbon sequestration technologies. He thinks that a long-term strategy that avoids lobbying from energy companies and special interest groups and uses a capitalistic ideology should be prioritized.

Reproductive Rights

Namkung is pro-life.

Social Values

Namkung is against cancel culture and big tech.

Gun Policy

Namkung advocates for the right to bear arms.


Namkung advocates for increased border security and a clampdown on undocumented immigration.





Terry Namkung

Temple University Fox School of Business

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