Terry R. McAuliffe

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Race Governor
Status Challenger


Terry R. McAuliffe earned his bachelor’s degree from Catholic University and law degree from Georgetown Law School. McAuliffe was the Governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018 and chaired the Democratic National Committee from 2001-2005. As governor, he added 200,000 jobs, raising personal income 13%, and invested $1 billion into education. In 2016, he was also investigated for campaign contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Key Issues


McAuliffe wants to deliver equitable access to education by ensuring every student has an internet connection and creating an Education Equity and Innovation Commission to address segregation in schools. As governor, he signed the first law mandating computer science education in Virginia and eliminated five standardized tests. McAuliffe also supports increasing teacher pay and promoting STEM education in schools.

Women's Rights

McAuliffe seeks to advance gender equality through passing progressive policies, namely an amendment to the Constitution of Virginia that grants the right to an abortion. He’s an advocate for requiring paid sick day and affordable child care. In the past, he’s vetoed bills that would have defunded Planned Parenthood and the closing of women’s health clinics. He also created the Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) Work Group, which helped victims of sexual assault.


McAuliffe believes in a safe and gradual return for workers looking to get back to their jobs through making targeted investments in workforce training and increasing the minimum wage. As governor, he created 200,000 jobs and expanded training for IT and healthcare, lowering the unemployment rate 2.4%.


Joe Biden, U.S. President; Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Speaker of the House; Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia; Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State; The Washington Post; American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees; Laborer’s Union of North America; National Women’s Political Caucus-Virginia


Terry McAuliffe


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