Terry W. Modglin

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Terry W. Modglin graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor’s degree in foreign science and graduated with a master’s degree in public administration from American University. He has served in Vietnam as an Army officer, and he has also worked as a Capitol Hill staffer and director and executive director of a national nonprofit. Additionally, he served as President of his local 173d Airborne Brigade Association chapter. Modglin has run for state office four times [1, 2, 3, 4, 5].

Key Issues


Modglin wants to maintain the current level of state taxation [3].


Modglin says that there needs to be a greater sense of community. He wants to create small community empowerment grants used to clean up neighborhoods, enforce local safety and support schools and green transportation. Additionally, he wants to create more walkable and bikeable communities with lots of green space, through initiatives like turning unused commercial parking areas into community green spaces [1, 4].


Modglin wants to reduce crime in the community (especially shoplifting, automobile theft, vandalism, and Metro fare evasion) through strengthening crime enforcement measures through means like stricter penalties, security alliances, more efforts by local police, and improved technology. He wants to involve the local youth in positive community programs and wants to reduce panhandling in public areas that put both panhandlers and motorists in danger [1, 3, 4].


Modglin wants to reduce opioids, especially fentanyl, in the community through educating people, more severe punishments for drug-related crimes, and more enforcement and apprehension of those who distribute drugs [1, 4].


Modglin wants to make the minimum wage $15 across northern Virginia and have the local minimum wage be decided by the regional economy [3].


Modglin says schools need higher standards while also creating flexible forms of education (like charter schools or magnet schools), as well as boosting parent connection; he wants to increase the number of school resource officers. Instead of opting out of sex education programs, Modglin wants to use an opt-in system. He says teacher compensation should be competitive, teacher development opportunities should be abundant, and getting teacher licenses should have more paths to success. Modglin supports creating readiness classes for parents so they can prepare their children for preschool and says preschool might not be for every family. Finally, he says that school renovations should be prioritized around students [1, 3, 4, 7].


Modglin wants to build up the tree canopy and ensure more recycling and composting; he also wants to limit or ban the use of plastic bags and straws, as well as any other commercially-used non-biodegradable items [1, 4]. Furthermore, Modglin wants to reduce food and plastic waste and explore tax incentives for solar and wind power [3, 5]. He supports voluntary cooling areas [6].


Modglin supports creating regulated communal garden spaces and spreading information about food pantries and other food sources to those who need it. He wants to zone land for agricultural production [6].


Modglin wants to create a diverse group of advisors [1].

Gun Policy

Modglin supports greater gun control [5].


Modglin supports affordable housing units and wants to help neighborhoods in need with resettlement house models. He wants to create transit hubs to spread affordable housing across the county, and in redeveloped areas, Modglin supports having a certain number of residents receiving tax relief or subsidy; additionally, he endorses the expansion of the First-Time Homebuyers program. Finally, Modglin says it should be possible for those having mortgage payment issues to get county help, albeit with strict limitations [1, 6, 7].


Modglin supports immigration but wants to ensure that immigrants are not criminals or related individuals and says those detained in the Farmville Detention Center should have the same standards as citizens [7].

Law Enforcement

Modglin says it is important that communities and local leaders support police and wants to allocate resources for social workers and urgent care centers differently as to reduce unnecessary money for ambulances and fire personnel time and save police time (such as having trained psychologists safety deal with situations that are not suited for immediate police involvement). Additionally, he says that the Fairfax County Civilian Review Panel should have former law enforcement members who understand the situations under review; he supports creating community advisory groups with members of all ages at the Supervisory and County levels, as well as ensuring sobering centers have appropriate processes for ensuring maximum recovery. Finally, he wants to make sure data collection by law enforcement is transparent and unbiased [1, 7].

Reproductive Rights

Modglin does not support abortions [5].


Modglin wants communities to be more walkable and bikeable and wants to reduce automobile use. He wants more public transportation to clear up traffic on streets—such as tax breaks or alternative methods to support stores using delivery systems instead of having customers drive to the stores—and supports safe and clean Metro expansion, like a tunnel under the Potomac. Furthermore, Modglin wants to ensure that the long-term plan includes creating a Metro Route through Mason District and Arlington Boulevard; he also wants to try out a transportation system to deliver residents from their local areas to the nearest Metro station. Modglin supports creating streets just for bikes (and automobiles for that street’s residents) that lead to Metro or bus hubs, as well as bike lanes and bikeways that lead to schools [1, 4, 5, 6, 7].


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