Thomas Dugger

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Thomas Dugger served as chief planner for numerous developments. Thomas Dugger does not have any political experience but has worked in the finance and information technology sectors. Dugger claims that his father’s role as Deacon shaped his values. Dugger is currently married to a Neurologist, and they have three children.

Key Issues

Fiscal Conservatism

Dugger wants to stop spending as much as the current Arizona State Senate. He also wants to improve the education system so that more businesses will come to Arizona. 

The Environment

Dugger wants to address climate change more efficiently than he believes it is currently being addressed.


Dugger wants charter and public schools to better address security and training issues in technology.


Election Reform

Dugger wants to increase public knowledge of voting systems and how they work. Dugger also supports “Vote by Mail” systems and believes that they are a secure form of voting.


No endorsement could be found. 


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