Thomas Kenniff

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenager


Kenniff has dedicated his life to public service and the criminal justice system. Kenniff would be an assistant district attorney, where he would overlook hundreds of cases. Kenniff has also served in Iraq as an army officer (in which he went after the homosexual conduct happening at the time). After Iraq, he cofounded his law firm Raiser & Kenniff P.C. Kenniff now serves as a Major in the National Guard and has received numerous awards including the Army Commendation Medal and Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal.

Key Issues

Public Safety

Kenniff as Manhattan’s DA would work to support the NYPD while prosecuting officers who go against the police code. With this, he hopes to bring trust back into the communities, looking into, but look to prosecute fairly on misdemeanors.


As Manhattan’s DA, Kenniff will work to decriminalize personal marijuana use but will still work to put pressure on those selling (though he would try to be fair depending on the circumstances). In communities where hard drugs affect them the most, Kenniff will work to allocate resources to help and will use money to go after drug traffickers in schools.

Civil Rights

Kenniff as Manhattan’s DA will work to hold those who commit hate crimes accountable.

Criminal Justice

As Manhattan’s DA, Kenniff would work to look at the facts/circumstances in each case when prosecuting instead of overcharging/rushing for plea bargains that lead to many unjust incarcerations. He would also work to fix NY’s bail reform process by looking at the bail reform law recently passed that he feels added more crime.


Kenniff feels that there are too many people that are put in prisons when they should be instead put in mental health facilities. As Manhattan’s DA, Kenniff would work to bring in mental health professionals in court arraignments, let judges have defendants have mental health screenings let judges put defendants in health facilities if need be.