Tiffany Shedd

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Shedd grew up in Pinal County and worked her way through college and law school at the University of Arizona. At the University of Arizona College of Law, she focused on business, water, and natural resources as those were the most pressing issues as a part of a farming community. Throughout her career, she’s worked as a bilingual kindergarten teacher, farmer, and natural resource attorney, and owns several small businesses, in addition to being a homeschool mom and an SCTP and 4-H certified pistol and shotgun coach. She also has her own firm called Shedd Law Firm LLC. She practices in various areas: business, corporate, agribusiness, natural resource, gun law, art law, and real estate transactions. As she lived on a major trafficking route in Pinal County, Shedd pursues policies to secure the border from traffickers and cartels as well as protect the 2nd Amendment to ensure security for Arizonans.

Key Issues


Shedd would like to secure Arizona’s border from drug cartels and human traffickers.  


She would also like to enforce law enforcement at the border while preventing the defunding of police by funding them through money seized by organized crime. 


She also advocates for securing jobs from policies.

Gun Rights

She is also a prominent supporter of protecting the Second Amendment.


Shedd has not received any major endorsements so far.