Tim Echols

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Echols graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s in English and two Master’s degrees (Mass Communication, Nonprofit Organization). After graduating, Tim worked at Beaudry Ford in Atlanta. Echols then ventured into the youth work field and left his job to continue raising funds for his service. Echols started TeenPact, a national citizenship experience for 82,000+ teens and children nationwide. Echols also authored a historical fiction book called Jean Marc of Jekyll about friendships. He currently lives in Hoschton with his wife Windy Davis and has seven children [1].

Key Issues



Echols is an advocate for alternative energy; as the sitting PSC, he started the state’s Clean Energy Roadshow, the Energy Matters podcast, the Energy Matters Sustainability Awards, and other initiatives with the goal of educating Georgians about alternative fuel and encouraging its use. Echols believes that the growth of solar energy in Georgia has/will benefit civilians from tax revenue; he has helped the Hog Hammock Foundation install a solar panel pavilion for a remote island community library and a solar array highway east of the Mississippi river. Echols also supports electric vehicles and has pushed businesses to obtain power infrastructure for EV chargers. Echols has been a U.S. representative at the World Nuclear Exhibition for the last eight years and is a supporter of carbon-free nuclear energy, signing a motion in 2017 to continue the construction of a nuclear power plant named Plant Vogtle [1] [3] [5] [6]. 


Echols believes that reliability is important in keeping energy rates affordable. He thinks keeping a variety of fuel at power plants, supporting carbon-free technologies, and usage incentives will mitigate price spikes. Echols also believes that holding utility companies accountable is part of the regulatory compact of the state and wants ratepayers’ interests to be heard. He believes compelling utility to create solar programs will keep energy rates low for users [1] [4]. 


Echols believes that Georgia needs to think about ways to transition the workforce as energy usage is shifting. He also believes that craft labor is very important at many of Georgia’s energy plants. He supports unions and the trade training they provide for workers. Echols believes a college education is not for all youth, and those who want to go into trade school should not be seen as “second-class” citizens [1]. 

Public Safety

Echols believes trafficking is a heinous problem in Georgia. He established the Unholy Tour Project, which helps bring policy makers around Georgia to witness the impacts of human trafficking first-hand. It also has the goal of highlighting solutions to human trafficking and the actors involved in carrying them out [1] [2]. 


North America’s Building Trades Unions; Frontline Policy Action; Johnny Crist; Georgia Republican Assembly; Representative Drew Feguson; Karen Handel; Bubba McDonald; Georgia Life Alliance


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