Tina Mollica

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Info coming soon.

Key Issues

School Safety

Mollica wants to increase safety in schools by creating a “centralized control system with key card swipes” and a panic button to assist in lockdowns. She wants to provide social workers, behavior specialists, and counselors to allow for early intervention in students’ behavior [1].


Mollica wants more state funding for public vouchers and opposes the ESA voucher expansion. She wants to eliminate the Aggregate Expenditure Limit [1] and focus on prioritizing teacher and staff salaries, including counselors and social workers [5].


Mollica wants to make teacher salaries competitive with other states. She wants to improve teacher retention [1].  


Mollica wants to improve student outcomes and proficiency scores [5]. She is opposed to focusing on curriculum restrictions and book bans and supports Career and Technical Education and Dysart’s partnership with West-Mec [1]. 


Dysart Education Association; Save Our Schools Arizona; Traci Sawyer-Sinkbeil, Dysart Governing Board Member


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2 AZCentral
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5 On Your Ballot