Tom Suozzi

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Tom Suozzi is a Long Island native who graduated from Boston College and Fordham Law School. While he has represented his district in the US House of Representatives since 2017, he previously served as mayor of Glen Cove, then as Nassau County Executive. While leading Nassau, he led the State County Executives Association. Currently, Suozzi is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.
Suozzi also has experience in the private sector, previously working as an auditor, litigator, and advisor at various law firms and courts.

Key Issues


Suozzi advocates for lowering local and state taxes. He led a commission that contributed to the passage of the State Property Tax Cap and advocates for State and Local Tax Deductions. Suozzi also wants to prioritize all state infrastructure proposals and focus funds into critical repairs for highways and bridges. 



Suozzi has outlined a 15-point plan on combating crime, which includes funneling money into the police force against gun violence and organizing collaboration between police and community groups to promote trust in law enforcement. 


Suozzi wants to fund billions into affordable home construction and transform existing buildings into housing units.


Suozzi advocates for lower prescription drug prices and Affordable Care Act reform. He has headed a movement of local officials that helped to pass a statewide Medicaid cost cap and sponsored bills to expand Medicaid.


Suozzi supports increasing federal funding to help combat climate change and building more EV charging stations. He was one of the first co-sponsors of the GREEN Act, fought to reverse the misguided decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, and increased federal funding to preserve the Long Island Sound by almost 500%.