Tom Zmich

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenager


Thomas Zmich served in the Army Reserve from 1987 to 1995 and currently resides in Bayside in Queens. After being honorably discharged, Zmich joined the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Construction Union. In 2018, Zmich and his wife founded MAGA Queens, a grassroots pro-Trump organization, and in 2020, Zmich ran to represent New York’s 6th district in the US House of Representatives.

Key Issues

Criminal Justice

Zmich wants to fight the opioid crisis by supporting strict laws that would place dealers behind bars. Zmich also supports giving life sentences to human traffickers.


Zmich will increase job development while reducing the need for welfare. Smich wants to streamline tax requirements to increase jobs and reduce and end the regulation burdens to increase business opportunities.


Zmich supports ending Common Core along with allowing charter schools and increasing vouches to increase school choice. Zmich wants to increase competition of schools so that the best schools are enhanced and those that are failing will be fixed.


As a veteran, Zmich wants to increase federal programming to help veterans get back to work, find affordable housing, and increase mental health services.

Public Safety

Zmich will defend police budgets and qualified immunity, and is opposed to defunding the NYPD.