Tommy Hough

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Tommy Hough received a BS in Communications, English, History, and Broadcast Journalism from Ohio University. Hough has held a variety of positions in the broadcast university, including a Producer at CBS radio and Morning Host and Public Affairs Director at Lincoln Financial Media. He was also a broadcaster at Alpha Broadcasting, a Morning Host at Local Media San Diego, and is currently a Content Consultant at Strike Fire Productions. Hough worked at Treehuggers International, Surfrider Foundation San Diego County, Oregon Wild, and Public News Service in broadcasting roles. He was the Co-Founder and President for the San Diego Democrats for Environmental Action and operates Communications and Campaign Coordination for the San Diego Audubon Society [9].

Hough previously was a radio host at FM 94/9, KPRI, 91X. He was also the founder and host of many shows, such as Brunch With Bob and Friends and Treehuggers International. He is currently a [1]. Hough was a Central Committee Member of the San Diego Democratic Party, and a delegate of the California Democratic Party [10].

Key Issues


Hough supports San Diego’s Climate Action Plan, the preservation of the diverse environment, providing unleaded fuel at municipal airports, implementing Pure Water, expanding rooftop solar access, and capturing and testing stormwater [1]. Hough wants to find solutions for the exposure to sewage in the Tijuana River Valley. He hopes to maintain the Multiple Species Conservation Plan and the urban forest [5]. He hopes to change San Diego’s municipal utility from a fossil fuel based company to a renewable one. He hopes to increase electric vehicle use and the extension of the Orange Line and Purple Line [8].


Hough has stated that roads and infrastructure is his number one priority. He wants more transit for citizens living in Mira Mesa and may look into rezoning parts of the district for affordable housing [3]. He hopes to encourage greater investment in communities south of Interstate 8, and in communities north of Interstate 8, such as Mira Mesa, Miramar, and Kearny Mesa [8].


Hough has previously stated that San Diego is an Asian-empowerment city [4]. Hough wants to focus on the challenges that San Diego faced during the pandemic and today. He wants to prioritize protecting open space, fixing streets, and protecting residents. [6]

Civil Rights

Hough has previously called for San Diego leaders to hold neighborhood hearings to gather information on local anti-Asian incidents and violence by encouraging victims to come forward. He hopes to find ways to understand the background of anti-Asian hate and prevent it [7].


Hough opposes the using of houses for short-term rentals and speculation. He supports the Kearny Mesa Community plan to build on the west side of State Route 163. He also opposes policies such as Senate Bill 9 and wants to find ways that people can escape the cycle of rent [8].

Law Enforcement

Hough believes the police force must be made strong to prevent crime. He wants to give officers higher pay and more benefits to prevent them from leaving. He believes current officers are doing the best, particularly in tracking down ghost guns, they can despite moral problems. He would support increasing the police budget if there were higher wages and benefits [8].


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