Tony Geiger

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Tony Geiger graduated with a BA in economics from the University of Pacific in 1983 [2]. Geiger worked in equipment manufacturing for over 35 years, and executive management for 11 years [1]. He worked in marketing and sales for multiple corporations throughout his career, leading to his most recent position as owner of Waterworking Marketing Consultants LLC, Inc. He retired in 2018 [2]. 

Geiger was first elected as Carefree City Councilmember in 2020, and currently serves in that position [1]. He has also served as a Carefree representative on the Cave Creek Water Advisory Committee for 5 years, including 2 years as chair. He was also a member of the mayor’s task force to close a sewer plant [7].

Key Issues


Geiger supports the Carefree Water Consolidation Project to maintain good water quality and accessibility. He supports the Salt River Project proposal to raise Bartlett Lake in order to increase water storage. Geiger wants to recharge unused Central Arizona Project (CAP) aqueduct water to increase supply [8].Geiger does not support proposition 472 because he is against the demolition of a new buried water reservoir.


Geiger does not support proposition 473 for 2-year terms and instead supports proposition 474 for 4-year staggered terms for city council members [4]. 


Geiger wants to implement the Carefree Economic Development and adjust it as needed to fit the needs of residents and the city [7]. 

Public Safety

Geiger wants to ensure that the Carefree fire department is part of the regional automatic-aid system in order to improve fire and medical service efficiency to keep the public safe [8]. He would like to ensure that cost and multiple options are taken into consideration when moving forward in terms of fire and emergency services [7]. 


Les Peterson, Carefree Mayor; John Crane, Carefree Council Vice Mayor; Cheryl Kroyer, Carefree Councilmember


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