Tony Pantera

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Tony Pantera is a retired teacher and Gifted Specialist for the Paradise Valley Unified School District.  is now running for the Paradise Valley Unified School District School Board [2]. Pantera has been teaching since 1978 [1]. Pantera specializes in gifted education, special education, preschool, and full-day kindergarten. He also specializes in before and after school programs, summer school, a full athletic schedule, online education, and fine arts [3].

Key Issues


Pantera believes in separating politics from education. He advocates for retaining good bus drivers, nurses, substitute teachers, and teachers in school districts [1]. Pantera also wants to modify the curriculum so students can engage in learning information about diverse cultures and communities. He also wants to implement input from diverse communities and encourage the richness of combined cultures [6].


Pantera believes in providing equal funding to schools to make equal educational opportunities available to all students. He supports overriding and electing Governing Board members that make sure money is properly distributed in schools [1].


Pantera supports organizations such as National League of Families, breast cancer awareness, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter. He wants to use these organizations as inspiration for schools [6].


Paradise Valley Fund for Children


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