Travis Padilla

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Travis Padilla is a University of Texas at San Antonio graduate with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. Padilla is the president and founder of Strategy Payments, a payment-processing business since 2004 [3]. Padilla holds leadership positions at his local church, the Boy Scouts of America, and an all-girls Venture Crew [1]. He served on a 2-year church mission trip in Peru [6].

Key Issues


Padilla supports improving roads and securing funding to avoid high construction costs. He wants to maintain a balance of retail, commercial, and housing growth [1].

Public Safety

Padilla supports funding the police, fire, and public safety officials and first responders [7].


Padilla supports balanced budgets and prioritizes families in long-term decisions [1].


Padilla wants to promote engagement with the community to create dialogue between them and the Town Council [4].


Padilla supports building and maintaining more local parks [7] and keeping the small-town feel [4].


  • Warren Petersen, State Senator
  • Justin Olson, AZ Corporation Commissioner & US Senate Candidate
  • Jake Hoffman, State Representative
  • Jacqueline Parker, State Representative
  • Neal Carter, State Representative
  • Travis Grantham, State Representative
  • Emilena Turley, Queen Creek Council Member
  • Leah Martineau, Queen Creek Council Member


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