Trine Nelson

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Key Issues


Nelson wants to increase listening, planning, and community engagement to create collaboration [3]. Nelson wants to use her experience on the Kyrene Superintendent Community Council to cooperate with community stakeholders and develop sustainable goals [1]. She wants to find ways to increase community feedback on board initiatives [2].


 Nelson supports increased funding, especially for Special Education and classroom support professionals [3]. She opposes the expansion of school vouchers. She hopes to advocate for capital bonds to maintain repairs and school infrastructure [7].


Nelson wants to improve teacher retention rates in Kyrene [3]. She hopes to encourage more people to become teachers through higher funding and salaries [1]. She supported the allocation of new funds to increase Kyrene employees’ salaries [2].


Nelson wants the educational experience to cater to each student’s unique emotional and academic needs and pays attention to individuality [3]. She hopes to design learning environments for students through social-emotional learning [1]. To address declining enrollment, Nelson wants to expand the Kyrene Traditional Academy and the dual language academies [2].

Mental Health

Nelson hopes to have full-time mental health counselors at all elementary school sites [2].


 Nelson is concerned with the success of students regarding IEPs and 504s, and wants to increase special education staff to resolve this [2].

School Safety

Nelson supports the current Kyrene security measures, including the emergency plan. She believes the Kyrene Support and Response team, school resources officers, mental health support strategies, badge-controlled access, and secure front lobbies are critical [2]. 


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