Vince Fong

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Vince Fong earned his Bachelor’s in Political Science and Government from UCLA in 2001 and Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University in 2003. 

He started his political career as a district representative in former Congressman Bill Thomas’ office and later worked as a district director for former Congressman Kevin McCarthy [1, 2]. In 2016, he was elected to represent California State Assembly District 32 and served as the Vice Chair for the Budget and Transportation Committees [2]. 

Most recently, Fong was involved in a legal dispute with the California Secretary of State for filing to run for State Assembly re-election and the Congressional seat opened up by the resignation of former Congressman Kevin McCarthy. While he was initially barred from the Congressional election ballot, the Sacramento Superior Court ruled in Fong’s favor, ruling him eligible to appear on both ballots, and the CA Secretary of State has since appealed that decision [2, 3]

Key Issues


Fong opposes high-speed rail projects, supporting water infrastructure projects instead [1, 4].


Fong supports more strict southern border policies, but opposes former President Trump’s proposals of mass deportations [5]


Fong supports reducing taxes and business regulations as part of his focus on economic issues. He believes that current funding should be reallocated to focus more on public safety, education, and infrastructure instead of using tax increases to fund new projects [1, 4].


Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC; California Rifle & Pistol Association; Kern Prosecutors Association; Kern County Republican Party; Kevin McCarthy, former Congressman; Tom McClintock, former Congressman; Darrell Issa, former Congressman; Kevin Kiley, former Congressman; Ken Calvert, former Congressman; Michelle Steel, former Congresswoman; Young Kim, former Congresswoman; John Duarte, former Congressman; Doug LaMalfa, former Congressman; Cynthia Zimmer, Kern County District Attorney; Phillip Peters, Kern County Supervisor; Jeff Flores, Kern County Supervisor; David Couch, Kern County Supervisor; Zach Scrivener, Kern County Supervisor; Mike Maggard, former Kern County Supervisor; Dennis Townsend, Tulare County Supervisor; Karen Goh, Bakersfield Mayor; Patty Gray, Bakersfield City Councilmember; Bruce Freeman, Bakersfield City Councilmember; Eric Bruen, Ridgecrest Mayor; Dave Noerr, Taft Mayor; Josh Bryant, Taft Councilman; Michael Davies, Tehachapi Mayor; Susan Wiggins, Tehachapi Councilwoman; Cory Morse, Maricopa Mayor; Lynne Ashbeck, Clovis Mayor; Brett Taylor, Visalia Councilman; Derek Tisinger, Kern High School Board Member; Bryan Batey, Kern High School Board Member; Leign Ann Cook, Rosedale School Board Member.


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