Wade Herring

Key Facts


Wade Herring grew up in Macon, Georgia, and attended the University of Georgia for law school. After that, he was a judicial clerk in Georgia. He has worked on the Georgia Legal Services Board and Georgia Appleseed boards and was awarded the Robbie Robinson Award by The Savannah Bar Association.

Key Issues

Voting Rights

Herring wants to protect access to mail-in and early voting. He wants to re-establish the Voting Rights Act.


Herring wants to reinforce the Affordable Care Act so that healthcare is accessible for all.


Herring believes in making housing more affordable by investing in the Housing Trust Fund and growing the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit for cheaper homes.


Herring holds that climate change is a serious problem. He wants to use government funding to reduce storm and flooding damage by expanding infrastructure. Herring also wants to reduce CO2 emissions by creating more environmentally friendly jobs that have a lesser impact on the environment.


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Wade Herring for Congress


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