Walt Blackman

Key Facts


Walt Blackman graduated from Georgetown University with a certificate in strategic diversity and inclusion management. Blackman served in the US Army where he was a Front Line Tank Commander, and Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Senior Program Manager Specialist. In the Army, Blackman earned a Bronze star and Meritorious Service Medal in Iraq. Blackman has also founded W.B. Inclusion & Diversity Consulting and Victim Advocacy Inc.

Key Issues

Criminal Justice

Blackman supports criminal justice reform because of the high cost of the prison industry. He wants to support sentencing reforms and inmate education efforts to allow inmates to return to the workforce. 


Blackman supports efforts to allow Veterans to return home with ease. 

Reproductive Rights: Blackman is pro-life and doesn’t believe in abortions. 

Reproductive Rights

Blackman believes a strong border is necessary to control narcotics and illegal immigration. 

Gun Rights

Blackman supports the use of guns for protection and recreation for hunting. 


 Blackman values legal immigration and strives to make the process easier and more accessible. 



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