Walter Alcorn

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Incumbent


Walter Alcorn graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies [2]. Alcorn is the former President of Alcorn Consulting and Vice President of Environmental Affairs for the Consumer Technology Association [3]. While serving on the planning commission, Alcorn received the Fairfax County Citizen of the Year Award in 2011, the Hanley Award for Public Service in 2013, and the Hunter Mill Democratic Committee Martha Pennino Community Service Award in 2017. Alcorn has also worked in the Providence District supervisor’s office for 4 years, served on the Park Authority Board for 2 years, and served as President of the Herndon High School PTSA [1].

Key Issues


Alcorn has voted to increase Fairfax County Public Schools’ funding on multiple occasions. He seeks to find alternatives to funding the system with commercial real estate tax [1].


Alcorn hopes to fully transition from petroleum-based to electric vehicles by installing charging stations throughout the city. He also plans to implement infrastructure that makes the city more resilient to floods [1].


Alcorn supports making housing more affordable by implementing Fairfax County’s inclusionary zoning and planning policies. He also supports funding new housing projects throughout the city. Recently, he approved Dominion Square West, a 175-home development [1].

Mental Health

Alcorn wants to help mitigate mental and behavioral health crises using the co-responder model. This model involves law enforcement and mental health professionals collaborating to de-escalate conflicts [1].


Walter supports human-scale mobility and advocates for people to walk or bike as opposed to using their vehicles. As Chair of the Board’s Transportation Committee, he has helped design safer roads that accommodate active transportation [1].


Jennifer Boysko, State Senator; Gerry Connolly, Congressman; Sharon Bulova, Former Chairman of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors


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