Walter E. Virgil

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Virgil received his Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Saint Paul’s College in 2008. Virgil has worked in several administrative positions at Liberty University. Virgil is the CEO (chief executive officer) and Founder of the non-profit Get Fresh and Live. Furthermore, he is the CEO of Walter Virgil and Associates, which focuses on consulting and training. Virgil has been an adjunct instructor at Central Virginia Community College. Virgil was the Vice President of Extra Solution Staffing for nearly 2 years. Moreover, Virgil has been a committee member for the City of Lynchburg and a Community Benefits Committee member [3,4,5,7,8].

Key Issues


Virgil believes Lynchburg should offer teachers competitive pay. Furthemore, he believes in an election system for the Lynchburg Board of Education as opposed to an appointment by city officials. Virgil advocates for everyone to receive a high school degree or an equivalent [1,7].


Virgil believes that the way to overcome poverty is to listen from people in the community to come up with solutions and implement those ideas as opposed to city council members creating solutions on their own and implementing them [7].

Criminal Justice

Virgil wishes to help decrease the amount of especially young men going to prison through training [7]

Gun Policy

Virgil hopes to decrease gun violence, especially among young men, through training [7].

Law Enforcement

Virgil advocates for increased training for police officers. Moreover Virgil argues for increased accountability amongst police officers [7].


Virgil hopes to increase available space for businesses. Moreover, Virgil believes in policies to entice businesses to move products and employees to Lynchburg [7].


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