Wesley McCall

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Wesley McCall earned an undergraduate degree in Christian Leadership from Grand Canyon University and a graduate degree in Public Administration from Columbus State University. McCall has served as both chair and vice chair of Forsyth County’s Board of Education.

McCall’s experience in education includes developing a career path curriculum in the Georgia Department of Education, founding the Emerging Leaders Program, and working on several educational boards. [1] He also chairs the Forsyth County Homeless Youth Council to distribute educational resources to homeless youth. [3]
McCall recently resigned from his position as deputy director of the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety due to allegations of distributing inappropriate images of his neighborhood’s residents. [2]

Key Issues


McCall opposes critical race theory in classrooms, proposing an idea to work with state legislatures to keep it out of schools. He wants to focus curriculum on personal economics, civics, and critical thinking skills, while personalizing learning to each student with parental input. McCall supports technical schools to assist with career paths [1].


McCall prioritizes a conservative budget to begin paying off Forsyth County School District’s debt. He also believes in passing legislation that would limit increases in school property taxes to 3% each year [1].


McCall advocates for both in-person and virtual learning options and necessary safety measures. He also supports providing more resources to teachers with the purpose of quality education during the pandemic [1].


McCall has been working on developing relationships with major community players like county commissioners. He promotes parent involvement in future plans and student learning [1].


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