Yakpasua Zazaboi

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Yakpasua Zazaboi is a single father and son of immigrants, raised in Oakland [1]. He has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sydewayz Cafe for more than ten years. Sydewayz Cafe is a technology training & supportcontent for partners and families in Oakland. He was also previously the Vice President of the Heartland Merchants Association. In 2001, he was issued the Filmmakers Hall of Fame Award [2].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Zazaboi wants to use technology that allows us to track stolen cars and make violence-preventing technology more accessible to Oakland residents. He wants mentors and role models to mentor black youth as well as invest in troubled youth [1].


 Zazaboi supports community leaders and organizations working to clean neighborhoods in District 6 and supports them to scale these services with the help of the City Council [1].


Zazaboi does not support a one size fits all solution for homelessness. He supports the use of technology to support the homeless population’s unique needs [1].


Zazaboi supports the creation of more digital economy jobs. He wants to create a job economy with career training as well as job innovation in order to attract more economic opportunities in upcoming decades [1].


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1 Official Website

2 LinkedIn

3 Sydewayz Cafe

4 Instagram