Yung Koprowski

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Yung Koprowski graduated with a BSE in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University. In 2017, Koprowski founded Y2K Engineering, LLC [1], a transportation engineering firm [3] where she currently works as a civil engineer and Principal [2]. She was appointed to the Town Council in April 2020 and served as Vice Mayor from September 2020 to January 2022 [4].

Koprowski served as President of Intelligent Transportation Society, President of American Society of Highway Engineers, Volunteer House Leader, and Board Member for Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. She recently concluded her term as a Board Member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers [3]. In 2016, Koprowski was recognized by ASCE as a New Face for Civil Engineering Professional Honoree [2]. In 2019 and 2021 respectively, she was given the 40 under 40 Award and Outstanding Women in Business Honoree & Rising Star Award by Phoenix Business Journal [4].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Koprowski supports providing tools, training, and resources to back the police and fire departments [6]. She believes in implementing a crime lab for the police department [11].


Koprowski supports fixing infrastructure and adding new community amenities to plan new growth and increase quality of life [4]. She supports using her experience as a transportation engineer to better older systems such as pedestrian and bicycle networks [11] and make decisions about transportation, public works infrastructure, and public safety [5]. Previously, Koprowski worked on The Phoenix Bicycle Master Plan, Maricopa Association of Governments Strategic Transportation Safety Plan, and road assessments for road safety and improved infrastructure [3].


Koprowski supports low taxes and reduced government spending, in order to improve business prosperity, and diverse employment [4]. Koprowski believes in making data-driven decisions for future use of tax dollars. She supports providing additional services for residents and businesses based on comprehensive proposals given by the residents. Koprowski believes in avoiding long term financial commitments [11].


Koprowski supports long-term efforts and partnerships to enhance Gilbert’s museum, arts, and culture [11]. 


Koprowski supports higher education to increase opportunities in Gilbert [4].


Koprowski supports the Town’s partnerships with AZCEND and Save the Family programs to help Gilbert residents receive emergency rental and utility assistance. She supports giving services and lowering rates for affordable workforce housing. Koprowski believes for-sale products with low heights will help create attainable housing [11].


Koprowski supports using data to make decisions and improve how information is organized and presented. She supports transparency through geospatial maps and dashboards for projects like the Transportation and Infrastructure Bond Projects. Koprowski supports citizens connecting with the Town of Gilbert’s Newsroom for information [11].


Koprowski supports adding well sites to protect groundwater recharge basins. She does not support new high water use [8].

Social Programs

Koprowski supports providing additional adaptive programs for individuals with developmental disabilities and senior citizens. She also supports community programs that provide funding for feral animal mitigation efforts and trap and neuter efforts for stray animals on Town property [11].


Gilbert Chamber of Commerce; Gilbert Fire & Police; WeSERV Association of Realtors


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