Yxstian Gutierrez

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez received a B.A. in Human Development from California Babtist University, an M.A. in Education from American InterContinental University, a Doctorate in Education from Northcentral University, and a Certificate of Public Policy in Executive Education from the University of Southern California [2]. Gutierrez has served as the Mayor of Moreno Valley since 2016, and was the city’s first directly elected mayor. He previously served on the Moreno City Council and was appointed Mayor Pro Tem and Mayor [5]. He is a professor in the Special Education Department at National University, Sanford College of Education. He also teaches at Moreno Valley College and has worked as a Special Education Resource Specialist for Moreno Valley Unified School District for 14 years [7]. Gutierrez is a board member for the Renu Hope Foundation, local board member for the U.S. Selective Service, and a 1st Lieutenant (CA) with the 163rd Support Group stationed at March Air Reserve Base [1].

Key Issues


Gutierrez wants to improve 911 response times [9]. 



Gutierrez wants to improve water quality [9]. As Mayor, he supported installing solar panels at City Hall and LED street lights in neighborhoods [1].


Public Safety

Gutierrez wants to expand police patrols, community policing, and fire protection services [2]. He supports Moreno Valley’s Citywide Camera system [5].



Gutierrez wants to expand youth and senior programs [2]. He wants to increase civic engagement, and as Mayor created a summer program for high school students to learn about city government and the Emerging Leaders Council, where a panel of college students advise the Moreno Valley Government [5]. 



As Mayor, Gutierrez implemented initiatives to promote hiring Moreno Valley residents and local college and technical school graduates by providing economic incentives in the form of utility rate discounts and business license waivers [5]. 



As Mayor, Gutierrez created the “Homeless to Work” program, which helps homeless individuals find jobs [1]. 



As Mayor, Gutierrez launched a program for local students to attend Moreno Valley College free of charge [1]. 



Riverside Sheriffs’ Association; Moreno County Firefighters Union; Colleen Wallace, Banning Mayor; Michael Vargas, Perris Mayor; United Democrats of Moreno Valley; Richard Stewart, Former Moreno Valley Mayor; Wraymond Sawyer, Former Val Verde School Board President


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