Opinion: Same-Day Voting in New Jersey

Welcome to New Jersey’s branch of The Polling Place blog! The blog will contain news, opinion pieces, and Polling Place updates written by the New Jersey team members of The Polling Place. Our first blog post concerns the debate over same-day voting in New Jersey.  In the midst of a national push for improved voting… Read More

Mask mandates, metropolitan crisis, and municipal retaliation: Governor Greg Abbott’s controversial COVID-19 executive order

On July 29th, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-38 that prohibited mask mandates by public institutions, including schools. This policy reinforced his previous order from March that ended the statewide mask mandate and reopened all Texas businesses unconditionally. In March, his decision accompanied the CDC’s then announcement that vaccinated individuals were no longer… Read More

Welcome to The Polling Place New York!

Welcome to The Polling Place. Here we cover elections in New York State and election-related events through a nonpartisan, strictly informative lens. Our goal is to bring local and state-wide elections the attention they deserve. While the media focuses on high-profile national elections, the truth is that the school board, public advocate, comptroller, borough presidents,… Read More