Omega, the Alpha: A Brief Look at Menhaden in the Chesapeake

Nothing about the Atlantic menhaden, otherwise known as Brevoortia tyrannus, makes it particularly appealing to the everyday consumer. The fish is diminutive, bony, and not visually appealing enough to be contained in a domestic receptacle. Most notably, it possesses one of the more unfavorable flavors present among Chesapeake Bay’s culinary contributions. Yet, its presence lingers… Read More

A Purple November

Along with Ohio and Kentucky, Virginia’s 2023 general elections commanded national attention as an indicator of public opinion on abortion. Governor Youngkin campaigned for a 15-week ban in 2021, but a Democratic State Senate prevented any motion on this platform for the last two years. Youngkin has primarily supported Republican candidates in the Virginia Senate… Read More

Virginia’s Strange Election Calendar

Virginia is one of only five states that hold large general elections in years when there is no presidential or congressional election. Our strange election schedule originates from the 1851 state constitution, which provided white male property-owners with the right to directly vote for the governor and led to the first VA gubernatorial election that… Read More

Kemp Signs SB319 Into Law

Governor Brian Kemp recently signed a new bill into law allowing carrying of handguns without a license for it. This bill, SB319, upholds constitutional carrying of guns by the Second Amendment, and also extends to individuals from other states visiting Georgia, meaning a license is no longer needed in the state of Georgia to carry… Read More

Welcome to The Polling Place Virginia!

Welcome to The Polling Place! Here, we will cover elections and election-related events all across Virginia through a nonpartisan lens. We hope to give traditionally undercovered elections a place in the spotlight in order to enhance voter knowledge and turnout. While the media tends to focus on high-profile elections, the truth is that local elections… Read More

California Recall Elections

Hello and welcome to California’s branch of The Polling Place blog. The blog will contain news, opinion pieces, and Polling Place updates written by the California team members of The Polling Place. As you may know, there is currently a recall election going on in California. The ballots contain two questions:  Should Gavin Newsom be… Read More