The Team

Each state’s chapter of The Polling Place is led by three regional directors, who lead teams in charge of research, the website, and social media/outreach.

Alyse Kwok | GA Director of Website

Alyse is a sophomore at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is currently studying computer science and literature, media, and communications in a joint major called computational media. Ever since high school, Alyse has been involved in various local elections, such as canvassing and mail writing for various candidates. She hopes to use her experience and studies with web design to better communicate information about candidates so voters can make more informed decisions. In her free time, she enjoys making playlists, dying hair, and skateboarding.

Lianna Homrich | GA Director of Social Media/Outreach

Lianna is a senior at Marist High School in Atlanta. She’s interested in biology and biochemistry, but she also has a passion for voter education and accessibility. Lianna competes in Public Forum debate, is on the leadership team for her school’s SNHS, and enjoys tutoring underprivileged students. Through The Polling Place, she aspires to help combat the nationwide issue of voter suppression through reliable, nonpartisan information. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, reading, and watching Friends.

Will Sjostrom | GA Research Team

Will is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. He is very interested in politics and is a current Political Science major in college. In high school, he was a nationally ranked debater and now helps coach at his former high school. At The Polling Place, Will hopes to increase voter education and voter turnout especially in important areas in his home state of Georgia.

Simran Patel | GA Social Media/Outreach Team

Simran is a junior at Wheeler High School. They are interested in mental health, politics, and helping the community. Through The Polling Place, they want to help more people get educated and help people vote! In their free time, they enjoy singing, dancing, and hanging out with friends!

Anne Briscoe Pongonis | GA Social Media/Outreach Team

Anne Briscoe is a senior in the IB program at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia. She wants to study mental health and psychology in the future, but she also is interested in social welfare, because they often go hand in hand. She has two dogs and three sisters, she loves to paint and watch reality tv, and she is currently trying to learn to play the guitar.

Charlie Kirk | GA Research Team

Charlie is a senior at Marist School in Atlanta, GA. He begun to gain a strong interest in politics following the 2020 election and wants to help fight the polarization in America through The Polling Place. In his free time, Charlie likes to run track, learn Russian, and read in his free time.

Stana Choi | GA Social Media/Outreach Team

Stana is a high school senior at Columbus High School. She’s deeply interested in biology, classical music, and politics. Stana is an internationally recognized competitive pianist and violinist and enjoys providing complimentary lessons in both music and academics to members of her community. Through The Polling Place, she hopes to improve voter awareness and civic engagement, especially in her own city. In her free time, she enjoys drawing digitally, editing videos, and writing stories.

Natalia Daniel | GA Research Team

Natalia is a sophomore at Marist School, in Atlanta Georgia. She enjoys public affairs and world politics. Natalia is part of the Speech and Debate club at Marist, in addition to Share the Journey, which is a club supports refugees and immigrants. Through The Polling Place, she hopes to help better inform voters and emphasize the importance of voting. She loves to learn about European History and spend time with her younger siblings during her free time.

Michelle Karam | GA Research Team

Michelle Is a junior at Wheeler High School. She is interested in politics and social justice. She wants to improve opportunities for immigrants and their children. She enjoys giving back to her community through free dance classes for kids and tutoring among other activities. Through The Polling Place, she hopes to improve voter turnout, especially among young people. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, and learning new languages.

Tanvi Kamat | GA Social Media/Outreach Team

Tanvi is a junior at Wheeler High School. Through The Polling Place, she hopes that Georgians will be able to find information easier on candidates they might not know much about. In her free time, she likes to draw and play tennis with her friends.

Daniel Zayas | GA Research Team

Daniel is a senior at Marist High School in Atlanta, GA. He comes from a family of eight and has always had a profound interest in government and politics. By volunteering for The Polling Place, he hopes to spread awareness about the importance of local elections in his community and help inform the electorate. In his free time, he enjoys reading novels and going on runs.

Shweta Krishnan | GA Website Team

Shweta is a senior in the magnet program at Wheeler High School. She is extremely interested in politics and law. Shweta has been involved in multiple leadership organizations that are focused on bettering her school and community. Through The Polling Place, Shweta seeks to improve voter participation in upcoming elections and become more involved in the world of politics. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, swim, and listen to music.

Noah Madelli | GA Research Team

Noah is a senior at Marist School, where he has been involved in marching band, student government, peer leading, and robotics. He has played the piano since kindergarten and played the trumpet since 5th grade. He often volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and raises awareness on the importance of voting. His role model is Michael J. Fox, for his acting and activism on Parkinson’s. Noah hopes to improve the quality and amount of voters in Georgia and nationwide through the Polling Place. He enjoys computer science, exercise, and spending time with his family and friends.

Omer Mujawar | GA Social Media/Outreach Team

Omer is a senior at Johns Creek High School. He’s interested in politics and civics, and he participates in activities like debate and FBLA. Through his involvement in The Polling Place, Omer wants to increase political awareness and give more citizens the tools to be involved in their government.

Nafisa Fariha | GA Social Media/Outreach Team

Nafisa junior at Marist School in Atlanta, GA. Nafisa is a part of the ambassador team at Marist, as well as Color Guard and Girls Who Code. In Nafisa’s free time, Nafisa likes to make ceramic pieces with clay.

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