The Team

Each state’s chapter of The Polling Place is led by one to three regional directors.

Simran Patel | Director of Georgia

Simran is a senior at Wheeler High School. They are interested in mental health, politics, and helping the community. Through The Polling Place, they want to help more people get educated and help people vote! In their free time, they enjoy singing, dancing, and hanging out with friends!

Tanvi Kamat | Director of Georgia

Tanvi is a senior at Wheeler High School. Through The Polling Place, she hopes that Georgians will be able to find information easier on candidates they might not know much about. In her free time, she likes to draw and play tennis with her friends.

Megan Albert | Georgia Research Team

Megan is a former government employee and earned her Masters degree in American History. She has many personal and professional goals ranging from international travel to preserving historic homes and places. The goal that is most important to her is to educate as many people as possible to think for themselves and use a historical lens while doing so. Through The Polling Place, she hopes to contribute as much research on candidates as possible so that others may educate themselves to make a more informed decision when they vote, free from manipulative, misleading party politics.

Anne Briscoe Pongonis | Georgia Research Team

Anne Briscoe is a senior in the IB program at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia. She wants to study mental health and psychology in the future, but she also is interested in social welfare, because they often go hand in hand. She has two dogs and three sisters, she loves to paint and watch reality tv, and she is currently trying to learn to play the guitar.

Michelle Karam | GA Research Team

Michelle Is a junior at Wheeler High School. She is interested in politics and social justice. She wants to improve opportunities for immigrants and their children. She enjoys giving back to her community through free dance classes for kids and tutoring among other activities. Through The Polling Place, she hopes to improve voter turnout, especially among young people. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, and learning new languages.

Farrelle Toumani | Georgia Research Team

Farrelle is a senior at Rush Henrietta Senior High School. She is very interested in civil rights, lawmaking and equality for all, which is something she aims to work with in her future. Though quiet, Farrelle makes her impact in her community through volunteer work and council. During her free time, she enjoys listening to music, watching T.V. and immersing her self in fashion content.

Katherine Carter | Georgia Research Team

Katherine is a junior at Wheeler High school as a part of the magnet program. She’s interested in medicinal sciences and later hopes to become a doctor. As a researcher for The Polling Place, she seeks to find information for voter education. In her free time, she likes to hike, run, and read.

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