The Team

Each state’s chapter of The Polling Place is led by three regional directors, who lead teams in charge of research, the website, and social media/outreach.

Anmol Malviya | VA Director of Website

Anmol is a senior at Oakton High School. He is interested in political science and economics, and is a nationally ranked debater. As Virginia’s Website Director, he helps upload critical election information so that all Virginians can vote informed. Aside from helping out at the Polling Place, Anmol enjoys playing sports, cooking new meals, and listening to music.

Vivek Narang | VA Director of Social Media/Outreach

Vivek is a senior at Washington Liberty High School in Arlington, Virginia. He’s very interested in international affairs and politics. Vivek has been involved in multiple leadership projects and clubs that were aimed at bettering the community for all. Through the Polling Place, Vivek seeks to help improve voter participation and involvement in any upcoming election across the United States. In his free time, he enjoys walking his dogs, hanging out with his family, and listening to music.

Matthew Kim | VA Director of Research

Matthew is a sophomore at Oakton High School currently interested in economics and international relations. He joined The Polling Place to learn more about the inner workings of the election process and increase civic engagement through pointed research and widespread outreach. Matthew enjoys taking long walks outside, reading, as well as the occasional debate round.

Alex Wang | VA Research/Website Team

Alex is a senior at Oakton High School. He’s interested in economics, science, and technology. Alex enjoys debating and is currently the varsity coach for Oakton’s debate team. Through The Polling Place, he hopes to learn about and address serious political issues. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, playing chess, and running.

Anujin Biziya | VA Social Media/Outreach Team

Anujin is a senior at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, Virginia. She is interested in medicine and social justice. Anujin is passionate about raising awareness for the recent spike in hate crimes against Asians and is the president of her school’s Asian Student Union. Through The Polling Place, she hopes to help increase voter turnout and help her community by creating more informed voters. In her free time, Anujin enjoys watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra and listening to kpop, in particular BTS or Astro.

Piya Geithner | VA Social Media/Outreach Team

Piya is a seniorr at Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington, VA. She has been interested in the STEM field and has taken STEM classes since middle school. She is passionate about voter rights and increasing the participation of America’s next generation of voters. With The Polling Place, she hopes to educate young voters and increase voter turnout. Piya enjoys traveling and spending time in Cape Cod with her extended family.

Karin Liu | VA Research/Social Media Team

Karin is a senior at Oakton High School and is interested in forensics as well as a variety of other fields. She is also involved in her school’s debate team along with organizations that strive to make debate more inclusive and accessible. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, attempting to bake, and listening to crime podcasts & music.

Ava Drewer | VA Social Media/Outreach Team

Ava is a senior at Washington-Liberty High School. Her main interests are the sciences and engineering. Ava is a member of Girls in Technology (GIT) which strives to close the gender gap and empower women interested in being part of the STEM workforce. Through The Polling Place, she hopes to advocate for voter accessibility on all levels and for all ages.

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