Kemp Signs SB319 Into Law

Governor Brian Kemp recently signed a new bill into law allowing carrying of handguns without a license for it. This bill, SB319, upholds constitutional carrying of guns by the Second Amendment, and also extends to individuals from other states visiting Georgia, meaning a license is no longer needed in the state of Georgia to carry a gun everywhere that it is already legal to carry one. While background checks are still needed to purchase a gun, the requirement of obtaining a license to carry a concealed handgun has been erased.

The Georgia Senate passed the bill into law, and Kemp was the final deciding factor. It was sent to him by the Senate for signing in early April. After signing it into law, he said, “I campaigned on this issue in 2018 alongside many of the members here with us today. Working together, we got it across the finish line, and I look forward to signing SB 319 into law today to build a safer, stronger Georgia for all who call the Peach State home.”
SB319 was a part of Kemp’s 2018 campaign promise, which he fulfilled after 4 years. In addition, he plans to avert money back to the citizens of Georgia through bills such as tax cuts and refunds, provide higher education easier, support agriculture, and provide different healthcare solutions. On this matter, David Perdue, former US senator, said, “It’s too bad it took four years to get it done, and it’s too bad it took me getting in the race for them to get any energy to get that done.” However, there is quite a bit of opposition to this bill. Mayor Van Johnson of Savannah, with other Georgian mayors, sent Kemp a letter requesting he not sign the bill into law for fear of safety. Despite all of these protests, SB319 is now effective throughout the state of Georgia


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