Reinette Senum

Key Facts

Party Nonpartisan
Status Challenger


Reinette Senum is a writer, environmental activist, and a former city council member and mayor of Nevada City, CA. In 2020, she stepped down from City Council following backlash regarding her opposition to California’s mask mandate. Senum has received two awards for outstanding community service in Nevada City in 2014. She also helped found the Nevada City Farmers Market, a homeless advocacy organization called Sierra Roots, and the Alliance for a Post-Petroleum World (APPLE). 

Senum was born and raised in Nevada County, CA, and returned to Nevada City after studying film in Southern California. She is an avid traveler and was the first woman to walk and ski solo across Alaska. 

Key Issues


Senum wants to reduce incarceration rates by investing in rehabilitation programs for offenders where they can build character and develop practical skills. She also wants to end practices such as releasing violent offenders, closing prisons, expunging criminal records, and unimpeded shoplifting. 


Senum wants to improve K-12 education in California. She supports in-person learning, school choice, smaller classrooms, more farming and vocational programs, more physical and outdoor education, and involving parents in curriculum development. She also wants to limit standardized testing and end student data mining.


Senum wants to address the homelessness crisis by declaring a state of emergency and providing more quality low-income housing and homeless shelters. Senum also supports providing treatment for mental health issues, addiction, and alcoholism. 

Forest Fires

Senum wants to combat forest fires by increasing resources for preventative and restorative programs. She argues for practices such as routine brush cleaning, thinning, preventative burning, and promoting Indigenous land stewardship

Bodily Autonomy

Senum supports bodily autonomy with regards to any medical intervention or treatment. She is against vaccine and mask mandates. 

Cost of Living

Senum wants to lower the cost of living in California by reducing income and corporate taxes, reducing land-use regulations to create more affordable housing, and ending the gas tax and AB5.

Land Stewardship

Senum wants to protect the environment by rebuilding topsoil and pollinator populations, reducing plastic waste, investing in water management and watershed restoration, providing incentives for renewable energy, carbon-sinks, and biochar programs, and banning toxic chemicals. 


Senum wants to promote small businesses and manufacturers by reducing taxes and regulations. She supports lowering business taxes and fees, expanding California’s Infrastructure Bank, and maintaining low interest loans for businesses. 


Senum wants to increase access to legal cannabis for individuals and community businesses by streamlining the legal process for opening new cannabis businesses, and reducing taxation. 


Following an audit of state expenditures, Senum wants a wholesale reduction of taxes. 


Senum argues for police reform, as well as re-establishing trust between police and community members. She supports malpractice insurance, police union accountability, dash and body cams, whistleblower protections, reformation of qualified immunity, increased de-escalation training, and use of K-9 units. 


Senum supports protecting religious expression



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