Welcome to The Polling Place Virginia!

Welcome to The Polling Place! Here, we will cover elections and election-related events all across Virginia through a nonpartisan lens. We hope to give traditionally undercovered elections a place in the spotlight in order to enhance voter knowledge and turnout. While the media tends to focus on high-profile elections, the truth is that local elections matter just as much, if not more. While federal and statewide policies and elections may be broader, local elections are much more impactful to each constituent, as the politicians you vote for make active changes in your own community. By constantly researching and compiling information on hundreds of local candidates and elections, The Polling Place ensures information about such critical elections is readily available. 

The Polling Place can be found on Instagram and reached by email. If you wish to learn more about the Team behind The Polling Place, you can find them here, and if you want to get involved you can apply and donate here

Over the coming months, The Polling Place will provide detailed and consolidated information on elections all across Virginia, so that all Virginians can cast their vote confidently.

Specifically, the upcoming general election hosts voting for the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and House of Delegates positions. 

The first day of in-person voting begins on September 17th, 2021 and ends on October 30th, 2021, and The Polling Place is working around the clock to update our website with information on each candidate featured in the election. 

We hope you enjoy using our website and following along!